Designed by Danny Venlet for KOVR
Danny Venlet

Wall & ceiling system with integrated architectural lighting

Danny Venlet
HYDE combines architectural elements and light in an invisible way where light seems to appear out of nowhere. Rethinking the concept of traditional luminaries we’ve designed an all-in-one solution: high-quality panels with a fully integrated LED lighting system. HYDE comes in distinctive decors, true to nature. It adapts harmoniously to any mood with its easily controllable light intensity. The remote control and mobile application complete the unique user experience. Architectural light in its purest form: a true story of less is more.

Unique features


12 mm thick

LED technology completely mounted inside the 12mm panel thickness.

LED technology

Designed and assembled in Belgium, high luminary efficiency, durability and color fastness.

Wireless control

Our application makes control possible from any device with browser or via the mobile app.

Easy (dis)mounting

Ingenious solution for easy mounting and dismounting the panels from the tongue and groove system.

Fully customizable

HYDE is not just another ready-made product: we offer our clients the possibility to customize any part of HYDE’s features. The customer chooses a panel size, we print any desired decor on our in-house digital press, we program a specific lighting scheme and then link it to a personalized mobile application. The modular design of the application enables us to develop custom functionality for tailored interior projects. We think along with our customers to realise their customized interior project. 
Multi RGB
Multi RGB

Our 3 decors of choice

Raw concrete
White marble
Yellow pine




Depro Profiles, an established name in the field of wrapped profiled surfaces and the company behind the brand KOVR, has 25 years of experience in offering high-quality wall and ceiling panels.

With KOVR the company is changing direction. KOVR mainly focuses on the project market: high-end products for the most demanding architects. HYDE, the first patented product of the new brand takes existing wall- and ceiling solutions to a higher level. The product is the outcome of the 5x5 project, initiated by Designregio Kortrijk, where Depro Profiles collaborated with the well-known designer Danny Venlet. 

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